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What is CCD?

Creative Digital City (CCD) is the restoration of an urban environment to consolidate an ideal space for people, a modern and interconnected stage where talent and creativity breed knowledge, boost the use of new technology and improve the quality of life in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area.

Located in the heart of Jalisco’s capital, CCD concentrates creative industries such as studios involved in the production of film, television, videogames, CGI, interactive media and mobile apps, among many others, thus positioning the state as a productive center that is relevant to a sector that constitutes the vanguard of global economy today.



Since its inception, CCD was designed as an ecosystem, a place that favors creating and sharing knowledge and development opportunities with a high impact on productive, social and cultural matters.

That is why it is located in Downtown Guadalajara’s heart, one of the most beautiful and emblematic cities in Mexico, in the surroundings of the traditional Morelos Park, with the conviction of creating new opportunities and recovering the quality of the neighborhood in this area that is so important for the community of Guadalajara.



To strengthen Mexico’s position within the creative economy through the creation of more and better jobs, competitive advantages for the industry and new spaces that foster talent, innovation and productivity.



To identify and maximize the creativity, the talent, the courage and the determination that characterizes us people from Mexico and Guadalajara through a space where using technology and boosting innovation offer economic, transportation, environmental and social benefits.

Therefore, CCD is positioned as a global node of audiovisual, digital and interactive production for the world and Hispanic markets, which guarantees the materialization of a world class sustainable, productive and innovating integrating model.


Ideal context

Jalisco’s geographical location and the moment that currently identifies it as an information technology producer constitute the ideal context to internationally showcase the talent and potential that Mexico has in terms of content creation.

The state’s closeness to the United States of America and South America, as well as its contiguity to the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, makes it an interconnection geographical point that offers competitive and strategic advantages for an efficient mobilization of products and services with added value.

What benefits will it offer?

CCD will grant a wide range of benefits for Mexico, Jalisco and Guadalajara. At a national scale it will materialize the building of a creative cluster that will boost the country’s development and it will place within the world economy. At a state level it will create thousands of jobs, mainly for the youth. And at a metropolitan scale it will offer the opportunity to restore Downtown Guadalajara, reactivating it in economic and urban respects, based on an advanced and sustainable social development model.



  • Participation in the media and entertainment industry, representing annual sales higher than 1.5 trillion dollars.
  • Generation of 15 billion dollars in investment.
  • Creation of 550 new businesses.
  • Generation of 2 billion dollars in export.
  • Creation of 30 thousand jobs in 10 years and 15 thousand specialized ones in 15 years.
  • Migration towards an economy based on knowledge.


  • A comprehensive restoration of Downtown Guadalajara and its surroundings according to patrimonial preservation criteria and the Certified Developments promoted by the Federal Mortgage Association (SHF).
  • The optimization of transport through improvements aimed towards public transportation, traffic flow, pedestrian displacement and alternative means of transport.
  • The creation of dynamic spaces that foster creativity, talent, innovation and interaction, as well as mixed uses that include housing and working, leisure and education centers.
  • A renewal of the urban infrastructure (water, power, gas, solid waste disposal and a voice and data network) monitored to be managed efficiently.
  • The optimization of surveillance and security systems.


  • The integration of local culture to industries and sectors that set up a universal, global and advanced culture.
  • The creation of digital infrastructure with cutting edge technology that manifests and boosts the vitality and cultural richness of Guadalajara, Jalisco and Mexico.
  • The consolidation of a digital lifestyle, where everyone gets access to knowledge, learning, technology and the activities that originate from the creative industry.
  • The celebration of worldwide cultural and entertainment activities linked to the creative industry: conferences, shows, concerts, etc.
  • The reactivation and boost of activities, places and traditional cultural attractions, as well as their integration to CCD’s approach.


  • A better quality of life for the neighbors and society in general, thanks to urban infrastructure, transport and security improvements.
  • The inclusion of neighbors in CCD, guaranteeing not only their permanence, but also their social and productive participation.
  • The inclusion of neighbors in CCD, guaranteeing not only their permanence, but also their social and productive participation.
  • The recovery of the neighborhood and public spaces, the regeneration of social tissue and the awareness of vulnerable groups.

The master plan

CCD’s development is based upon the Master Plan designed by the architect Carlo Ratti and the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), together with international consultants, such as Fundación Metrópoli, Arup, Mobility in Chain and Accenture. A solid plan in which the goal contemplates actions for social intervention, urban design, infrastructure, transport, sustainability and technology.

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