Industry development

The foundations of innovation
and growth

Creative Digital City’s (CCD) development plan is designed to work as a catalyst for innovative ideas in one of the sectors with the most productive and economic growth worldwide: the creative industry.

The plan is aimed at two great strategic lines. The first one consists in the strengthening of the creative digital industry, capable of generating intellectual property expressions linked to technological innovation; the second one, in establishing a competitiveness and entrepreneurship framework.

The digital hub is a concrete action that serves this purpose through an urban and connectivity infrastructure that allows to secure business networks and strong profitable collaboration links in all the creative ecosystem’s value chains.

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“Strengthen the digital creative industry and establish a framework for competitiveness and entrepreneurship”.


The journey begins reassessing ideas to amplify them and boost their formation through an incubation process. Subsequently, and with the participation of the companies that will have access to resources, new products will be developed with the intention of positioning them internationally.


Within this entrepreneurship framework, CCD has the following initiatives:

CCD VENTURES: it is a 96 million pesos venture capital fund, which will be distributed between April and May 2015 to the most outstanding projects from a list of 300 registered participants.

CCD Incubator: still in process of developing, this instrument will lead with an entrepreneurial approach the formation of creative digital projects, many of which will launch from those registered to CCD Ventures.


INGENIUM EDUCATION MODEL: CCD works for the transformation of the current educational model together with the academic and creative sectors.

The goal is to breed talent, from elementary level to specialty, that respond to constant technologic, social, economic and pedagogic changes.

GLOBAL PROMOTION: : it is a group of linking actions to international institutions that will promote the opening of new markets and the strengthening of local industries with a global vision.

PROGRAMAS DE INCENTIVOS:: to boost ideas and promising companies.

logo CCD

“The journey begins with appreciation of the ideas to empower and accelerate the process of incubation”.


With these and other initiaves, CCD will contribute to the productive boosting of the city, as well as to the formation of talent and the strengthening of economy in the creative and digital areas.