Strategic axes

An interconnected,
sustainable and flexible environment


The Creative Digital City (CCD, by its initials in Spanish) responds to the need for work and recreation spaces that are comfortable and connected. Its goal is to be an economic attraction center and a reference for a smart urban model that provides a high quality of life with great respect for the history in which it is embedded.

It is an adaptability project to rescue both open and closed spaces in Downtown Guadalajara to create a new sensory experience with the proper selection of housing, productive, commercial, entertainment and educational areas.

logo CCD

“Policies to optimize the roads in the metropolitan area”.


A safe, accessible, efficient environment promotes pedestrian traffic and aids to discourage the use of cars as the main mean of transportation. CCD’s transport strategy is set at a large scale together with optimization transport policies in metropolitan areas.

The light rail, BRT and a public transportation route re-engineering, as well as a network of park-and-ride car parks, are fundamental part of the strategy, complete with public bike and shared taxi services in Downtown Guadalajara, plus the consolidation of an agile airport transfer.

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“It will improve the quality of life of users of CCD and contribute to its sustainable vision”.


The implementation of advanced infrastructure international norms will improve CCD users’ quality of life and will contribute to their sustainable vision. The area will have accurate solutions to prevent natural resources waste and exploitation through a smart operating system and a waste reuse strategy.

A data center will be installed to channel the information produced by the use of space and natural resources and telecommunications. CCD will have rainwater and wastewater harvesting and treatment systems, and it will benefit from renewable energy and recycling and waste management plans.



The design of buildings, distribution of courtyards, organization of interior spaces and optimization of public services follow CCD’s sustainable approach aimed at being a development with zero carbon footprint..

The whole complex will be put through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, which sets actions to reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions and urban heat islands, run an efficient water an energy management, increase thermal mass, improve waste collection and use low polluting materials.

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“Responds in real time to the needs of the community, to activities that take place there”.

Smart city

The city as an entity that adapts immediately to its surroundings and that responds to the community’s needs, the activities there performed and the environmental conditions in real time thanks to a series of sensors and devices linked to the Data Center that positively impact economy, productivity and sustainability.

The CCD will have sensors to measure and control the status of the green spaces, street lights, security and water supply, among other services. There will be a series of interactive kiosks with relevant and updated information for users and it will have free Wi-Fi access for them.

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“Multiple open areas for human and digital interaction in a range of pedestrian enjoyment”.

Urban design

Urban intervention in CCD is aimed at establishing a mixed use model, with an adapting future scheme that fuses creative industry spaces with educational, housing and commercial spaces, with multiple open areas for human interaction within a pedestrian enjoyment range.

Split into four sectors —with Morelos Park as the fundamental piece—, CCD’s buildings will be an example of rescue and rehabilitation of patrimonial estate, their integration with new infrastructure and their close relationship with multiple story courtyards, distinctive of traditional Guadalajara.