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Ingenium Campus

It triggers the young talent that will boost the creative and digital media industries. The Ingenium Campus will be the main education, training and entrepreneurship center of the Digital Creative City (CCD).
It will be located in the headquarters of Centro Escolar Basilio Vadillo, a 1938 art déco building. It has a 13,472.72 m2 plot area, with a layout of 4,350 built m22 and more than 8,500 m2 of open spaces.

It will comprise five pavilions, which will be used to establish elementary, middle and high schools. It is also intended to install a specialization center that not only responds to the industry’s needs, but also backs up and boosts Guadalajara’s young talent.
The Ingenium Campus will respect Centro Escolar Basilio Vadillo’s architectonical characteristics and adapt them according to CCD’s needs.


  • To be a dynamic place that offers a wide variety of activities.
  • To avail of Centro Escolar Basilio Vadillo’s facilities to implement an innovative educational model that encompasses levels from elementary school to specialization programs.
  • To open the facilities to universities and educational centers to create synergy between the parts involved in the project (universities, industries, government).
  • To establish a growing network of knowledge and experience exchange with digital creativity professionals all around the world.
  • To lead the creation of a professional and intellectual profile of digital natives.
  • To preserve the historical character of the property, enlarge its open spaces and adapt it to the current and future needs with high-tech elements and expanding infrastructure.
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“Establish a growing network of exchange of knowledge and experiences with profesionale”.

Other catalysts projects:


Settled in Morelos Park, Infobox will be an open and flexible pavilion to share CCD’s philosophy and the projects developing in it with the population.

It will showcase technologic innovation and creativity, and its main purpose will be aimed towards social interaction and digital and physical integration.

It will also be a transparency, collaboration and interaction point. There, citizen’s questions about the project will be answered, whether they are financial, social, cultural or technologic.


  • To share the philosophy, innovations, interventions, creations, developments and new projects implemented in CCD with the population.
  • To serve as an informal interaction space between different sectors of the population, such as senior citizens, children and students.
  • To become a point of reference for integration of digital solutions with a natural and sustainable environment.
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“The M4 enjoyed most of the architectural integration of historical and modern farms”.

Other catalysts projects:

Mexican Museum of Media and Marketing (M4) or Center for Digital Arts

The Mexican Museum of Media and Marketing (M4) will be a display and broadcasting forum, also encompassing business and trade, and national and international creative and digital industries.

It will be settled in a 5,199 m2 plot area, with a 3,120 m2 built area. The building will be founded upon historic estate that will be adapted and joined to new ones.


  • To work as a broadcasting and learning platform for the local, national and international creative industry.
  • To offer a space to display the innovations of the creative and digital sectors in Guadalajara, Mexico and all around the world.
  • Besides being a museum, it will comprise a trade zone, a media court that will also serve as an audiovisual forum, and an area specially intended for business and marketing.
  • It will be a milestone in the architectural integration of historic and modern buildings.