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First Creative Complex

In Guadalajara’s heart, industries will have a privileged position in CCD. The First Creative Complex will be an important center of attraction for local companies and international firms.The complex will give independent entrepreneurs and businesses of all size an opportunity to transform and grow. Its 27 thousand squared meters, spread across three buildings around a large central courtyard, are designed to be adaptable to its hosts’ needs.

These spaces guarantee an extraordinary business experience, with several services such as equipped meeting rooms, laboratories, small auditoriums for slide show presentations and food courts, among many others.

Whether it is, for instance, a freelancer that needs a co-working space, a small businessman who just needs 16 m2 or a firm that needs a complete 3 thousand m2 floor or more, all of them will find the perfect space within the first two buildings of the complex. The third building will host the first leading companies of the industry that will be part of CCD.


  • To support small and medium sized creative companies (pymes) with incubation and development strategies, as well as other additional services.
  • The Accelerator will be a place to work alone or collaboratively, where business services and counseling will be offered.
  • The complex will take advantage of historic and current estate to provide spaces for trade, companies and the implementation of a business center.
  • It is the space that links CCD with Downtown Guadalajara through the Multilevel Pedestrian Connector.
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“It will give entrepreneurs an opportunity to change and grow”.

Other catalysts projects:

Readaptation of existing spaces

Industries can already be a part of history in CCD before the completion of the First Creative Complex. Interested companies can choose from a large variety of available ready-to-use estates that can be adapted to their specific needs.

A property that has already been adapted is the Engineering and Business Solutions Development Center, installed by the German company Bosch in the surroundings of Morelos Park.
Another adapted building is the former Álvarez del Castillo Library on Belén Street, where three spaces where enabled: the Data Center, the Creative Digital City Project’s office and a local company.


  • Facilitate the establishment of companies interested in arriving now at CCD.
  • Integrate more spaces to the employment of CCD.
  • Trigger the intended flow of the industry in the area.
  • Start the economic recovery of Downtown Guadalajara.
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“The industry can already be part of history in CCD”.

Other catalysts projects:

Block Eleven

Thanks to its diverse mixture of private, public and semi-public spaces, and the integration of three architectural styles, Block Eleven will be an attractive and dynamic complex that will connect CCD with Downtown Guadalajara.

Planned to be built in CCD’s second stage, its strategic location near Plaza Tapatía, Mexican Museum of Media and Marketing (M4) and the First Creative Complex, will help boost its economic potential.

Block Eleven will be established upon the buildings of the Health and Labour ministries. The first one, with 900 m2 of floor area and 1,800 m2 of built area, will keep its original design, whilst the second, with 960 m2 of floor area and 1,920 m2 of built area, will be restored.
The Master Plan suggests building two towers on the non-heritage areas. One of them on the northern part of the block, that could have a 6,500 m2 buildable area, and the other one on the southwestern part, where building a 6,000 m2 area is suggested.

The Innovation Center for the Acceleration of Economic Development (CIADE)

The Jalisco Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology (SICyT) is responsible for the construction of this building, an extension of the Ingenium campus. Located North of Morelos Park, CIADE will be the place from which the parts involved in the technological ecosystem will be aligned and coordinated in order to launch products and companies with great added value that can be easily scaled all around the world.

This center will be located in the corner of San Diego Street and Ignacio Altamirano Street, and it will have four stories built on a 1,130 m2 plot area with an 800 m2 floor area and a built area of approximately 3,500 m2.