Public spaces

Human interaction,
traditional and digital

Morelos Park

A huge green space to work, hang out or just be around.
Morelos Park is the heart of the Digital Creative City (CCD), ), the foundation of a public space that will spread out organically to the rest of the buildings, aisles and courtyards.

Morelos Park will be CCD’s main point of social, ecologic and technologic interaction. Its vast aisles surrounded by trees, its recreation and work intended spaces and the Infobox, showcase of CCD’s digital culture, are fundamental pieces of the new stage of this iconic park in Downtown Guadalajara.


  • To preserve its historical nature by rescuing its 1940’s design, with a reflecting pool that reminds of San Juan de Dios River which once crossed by.
  • To offer activities and services according to the current needs of CCD users and visitors and encourage movement through the day and night.
  • To enlarge its green spaces, take care of the plants and establish a natural connection with CCD’s developments through Alameda Walkway and the Multilevel Pedestrian Connector.
  • To be an interactive park with areas to work, hang out or eat and have coffee. The Infobox pavilion will share what is CCD and what it is working on.
logo CCD

“Point of social, ecological and technological interaction”.

Other catalysts projects:

Alameda Walkway (Baeza Alzaga Street)

It is CCD’s spine. An artistic and commercial walkway that will link the digital hub’s main buildings and it will connect Morelos Park with Plaza Tapatía through its northwest corner.

Users and visitors of CCD will be able to enjoy different creative and cultural activities along the Alameda Walkway, located in Baeza Alzaga Street, which will also serve as a forum for the creative minds at CCD.


  • To transform Dr. Baeza Alzaga Street into a pedestrian, cultural and commercial axis that links all the key interventions of CCD’s first stage.
  • The buildings will extend their functions to offer activities and services on the ground floor. The axis will work 24 hours and it will serve as a forum for community expression.
  • Pedestrians are going to be its priority.
  • Digital services will be implemented. The walkway will have special furniture, shaded areas and water services, as well as information kiosks and temporary stands.
logo CCD

“Forum expression for the creative minds of the CCD”.

Other catalysts projects:

Multilevel Pedestrian Connector

Located in its intersection with Plaza Tapatía, the Multilevel Pedestrian Connector is a bridge that will link CCD’s commercial activity to Downtown Guadalajara’s.


  • Besides to serve as a bridge to link to complementary spaces, it will be a showcase for digital strategies implemented in CCD.
  • To offer digital information services and a panoramic view of the planned urban intervention to the users and visitors.
  • The bridge tears down the wall imposed by vehicular traffic on Hidalgo Avenue.