Catalyst projects

An innovative way to
work, learn and live.

Data center

It is CCD’s technological core. It is a “brain” that automatically coordinates public services and it stores, processes and optimizes creative and technical procedures according to the demand of companies or institutions.

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Public Spaces

Morelos Park, Alameda Walkway and the Multilevel Pedestrian Connector represent convergence in CCD: it is the link between traditional human interaction and its digital counterpart and the creation of working and recreation open spaces.

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Knowledge Spaces

Knowledge is one of CCD’s axes. The Ingenium Campus, Infobox and the Mexican Museum of Media and Marketing (M4) will be learning and training sources for the creative and digital industry.

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Productive Spaces

CCD’s main goal is to create productive spaces. Other than installing the First Creative Digital Complex, Block Eleven and the Innovation Center for the Acceleration of Economic Development, various buildings will be adapted for industry and institutions.

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